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Penetration Testing

  • What is the best type of pentest for our company?
    Choosing the best pentest for your company comes down to understanding its unique business needs. There's no one-size-fits-all solution - it requires assessing and tailoring a plan that fits with your particular goals and objectives.
  • Why do I need a pentest?
    A pentest is a valuable tool that can help protect your data assets from malicious attacks. Performing one now will ensure you are prepared for potential threats in the future, and keep all of your organization's information secure!
  • How often should I get a pentest?
    Careful thought must be made when scheduling penetration tests. Not only should the size and dynamics of the environment be taken into account, but so too a budget that can support its timelines for testing and remediations. How frequently the environment changes: Tests are often timed to correlate with changes as they near a production ready state. How large the environment is: Larger environments are frequently tested in phases to level the testing effort, remediation activities, and load placed on the environment. Budgetary factors: Testing should be scoped to focus on the most critical assets according to a timeline that is supported by the allocation of security budgets. With these considerations in mind, organizations will have an effective strategy to ensure their security is up-to-date against potential threats.
  • Can a pentest cause downtime or break a system?
    Our penetration testing methodology is specifically designed to mitigate data loss, downtime, and risks to our customers. In cases where exploiting a vulnerability carries a risk to the system, we will document the vulnerability and report it to the client, but will not pursue the exploit unless our customer asks us to do so.
  • Our infrastructure is in the cloud, do you preform cloud-based pentesting?
    Our experts can securely test your cloud infrastructure! With our specialized skill set and credentials, we are ready to audit the safety of any cloud environment hosted in GCP, Azure or AWS.
  • Do you test mobile devices?
    We do NOT test mobile devices. However, we do pentest mobile applications including IOS and Andriod, ensuring your apps are as secure as possible.

Professional Pentesting Solutions

Achilleus provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to stay secure without the hassle.

Our specialized tools and technologies offer maximum protection for your organization with minimal effort required from you.

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Have Questions About Our Pentesting Services?

We are here to answer all of your questions! Reach out to us today to see how we can help keep your business secure. 

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