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The Best Defense is an Adaptive Offense
Cybersecurity Risk Assessments | Achilleus
Quality Cybersecurity Assessments

Providing Maximum Protection with tailored solutions

As business cybersecurity is becoming an essential part of any successful organization, Achilleus provides effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our specialized tools and technologies will ensure your organization remains secure with minimal effort from your side.

We provide a variety of supportive penetration testing services to meet your security needs. With Achilleus' certified professionals on hand to develop tailored strategies to protect the data and IT infrastructure, you can be sure that your business is in safe hands.

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Pentest Services from Achilleus Cybersecurity
Maximum Protection

Perfect Solutions For All Pentesting Needs


High Quality Service

We do not believe in performing vulnerability scans and calling it a pentest.

Our reporting structure revolves highly around the MITRE ATTACK Framework with detailed TTPs to correlate with findings and tasks.


Effective Protection

With our innovative solutions, we provide effective protection for businesses of all sizes. 

Any service that we perform is confidential and undisclosed.


Secured Reporting

All of our reports are fully detailed and cataloged of every action performed against your environment.

We include time stamps to correlate with your alerts or Security Operations Center (SOC).



Cybersecurity Projects






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Why choose achilleus

We provide advanced security assessments

At Achilleus, we  provide you with advanced security assessments to prepare for the most advanced attacker. Our highly trained consultants are able to perform penetration tests as any external attacker would.

Our custom-made tools are equipped to dig through the deepest levels of security - no stone will be left unturned. With Achilleus, you can rest easy knowing that your system is guarded against even the most advanced of attackers.

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security-1  Security Services

We offer an expansive range of services from Pentesting to Security Consulting to Managed Services. 

privacy  Data Privacy

Our pentest reports are locked away in a secured digital vault after delivery to our clients. After 90 days, they are purged and permanently removed from our inventory.

certified-industry  Industry Certified

Our consultants are certified in a number of highly recommended certifications such as the OSCP, OSCE, CPTP, CISSP, Security+, and more.


Trusted by over 200+ companies worldwide!

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 Our engagement with Achilleus was very positive!

Michael Manning
I can honestly say that I’m very happy with the service, the professionalism, and the usefulness of the reports.  Achilleus worked well to coordinate everything.  Overall, I believe that we have been made more secure because of it.
Jason Blum
Frequentis Defense, Inc.
I am very happy with the job the Achilleus team did and how you met our deadlines.
Diane Houston
Harvard Bioscience
Working with the team at Achilleus over the years has proven to be invaluable with keeping our web and mobile applications secure.
Rob Broccoli
Trade Area Systems

Achilleus SecurExhange

Achilleus Credits offer a unique way for customers to manage and configure their testing requirements. This credit system can be used to schedule specific testing or request the use of additional services, with actual credit amounts depending on the scope of involvement.


Quickly Adjust Requirements

With four credits equaling one week of testing and access to achieved consulting resources, the consumption model allows organizations to quickly adjust their service requirements and make changes in direct response to business needs.

Pentest Services | Achilleus

Customize With Credits

Add-ons and custom services can also be provided with these credits, allowing customers to customize their engagements either as individual engagements or by appending them onto existing ones. The required credit amount may vary when requesting these custom services such as Cyber Escape Rooms or Ransomware Simulations. 

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