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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Enterprise Level Mobile App Security



Why Perform A Mobile Application Penetration Test?

The usage of mobile devices has increased significantly over the past few years which means mobile applications have much more traction than ever before, which is why it is imperative to protect the data used by these mobile apps. At the enterprise level, employees possess company information on their mobile devices which allows an opportunity for hackers to penetrate the network.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to have mobile penetration testing conducted at regular intervals to prevent attacks. Performing a mobile application penetration test and patching security bugs before the deployment of  mobile app can prove to be effective in terms of cybersecurity.


Benefits Of Mobile Application Penetration Testing

With mobile app penetration testing, you can prepare for the unexpected. By uncovering and addressing any weak points in your mobile app's security system, you're one step ahead of potential threats to keep users safe from breaches.

Identify Risks

Mobile app penetration testing helps bolster the security of your digital fortress and protect against malicious attacks. With just a few tests, you can safeguard yourself from unnecessary risk and give attackers nowhere to hide.

Improve Security Posture

By performing mobile app penetration testing, companies can ensure a better experience for their users. Through this sophisticated process of proactively uncovering security flaws and vulnerabilities in an application, the user's peace of mind is greatly improved while navigating the digital world.

Enhance UX


How Achilleus Can Help

Achilleus offers comprehensive mobile application security testing, giving you peace of mind. Their penetration tests provide both static and dynamic analysis to ensure that your applications remain safe from malicious attackers.

Static Analysis

Different programming level security bugs can be easily found by performing application reverse engineering. Misconfigurations during database creation or misconfiguring Content Providers can be easily detected during code analysis. Also, the use of any vulnerable API and libraries can be noted in code analysis. 

Dynamic Analysis

Achilleus requires careful client-side input validation to protect against potentially damaging attacks like SQL injection, which can reveal sensitive stored data if left unchecked.

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Have Questions About Our Pentesting Services?

We are here to answer all of your questions! Reach out to us today to see how we can help keep your business secure. 

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