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Web Application Penetration Testing

Protecting Software Development


Why Perform A Web Application Penetration Test?

In today's digital world, businesses are increasingly reliant on web applications, APIs and mobile apps to carry out their daily operations. From customer-facing functions such as online purchases and money transfers through to essential internal tools that impact the productivity of an organization – developers often use open source components when building these systems which can leave them vulnerable to cyber attacks from malicious actors.

Web application penetration testing is a critical step for organizations looking not only prevent costly breaches but also maintain compliance with industry standards - ensuring robust security controls throughout both development cycles and in day-to-day operation of any web app they manage.



Benefits Of Web Application Penetration Testing

Evaluate your business's vulnerability to cyber intruders with comprehensive web application penetration testing to identify and address weak points in the system before they are exploited by malicious actors.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Input validation rules for websites must be correctly implemented in order to keep the backend operational. This is critical for the security of any website and can help protect the data it processes from malicious actors. 

Validate Policies

As businesses become increasingly reliant on digital systems, safety and security must remain top priorities. To protect both customers and companies from liability, websites are held to rigorous compliance standards that require thorough verification processes for added assurance of safe operations.

Ensure Compliance



How Achilleus Can Help

Achilleus provides exceptional protection for your business against cyber-attacks. Our internal and external penetration testing ensures that the integrity of your system remains uncompromised, allowing you to operate confidently with an extra layer of security.


Unauthenticated Tests

Different programming level security bugs can be easily found by performing application reverse engineering. Misconfigurations during database creation or misconfiguring Content Providers can be easily detected during code analysis. Also, the use of any vulnerable API and libraries can be noted in code analysis. 


Authenticated Tests

Authenticated testing will usually find more vulnerabilities than unauthenticated testing if a consultant is given credentials into a system. This is simply due to a consultant’s ability to see more of the system due to being able to get “inside” the system and validate issues instead of the guesses that a scanner or tester must make without authentication.

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Have Questions About Our Pentesting Services?

We are here to answer all of your questions! Reach out to us today to see how we can help keep your business secure. 

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