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Network Penetration Testing

Ensuring Your Data Is Secured & Safeguarded



Why Perform A Network Penetration Test?

Network penetration testing simulates what an attacker would use to attack your business network, network applications, attached devices, and the business website. The importance of an external and internal penetration test to an enterprise cannot be minimized. The simulation aims to identify any security related issues early on, before a hacker can detect and exploit them.

Whether performed by an internal team or a third-party company such as Achilleus, taking the time and putting in the effort to conduct a test to help identify exploitable flaws within the network will pay long-term dividends to the security posture of the organization. 


Benefits Of Network Penetration Testing

Evaluate your business's vulnerability to cyber intruders with comprehensive network penetration testing to identify and address weak points in the system before they are exploited by malicious actors.

Identify Risks

Penetration tests help create real-world situations to show companies and organizations how effectively their current security defense would react when facing a full-sale cyber attack.

Real-World Experience

All of our reports are fully detailed and cataloged of every action performed against your environment. We include time stamps to correlate with your alerts or Security Operations Center (SOC).


Secured Reporting


How Achilleus Can Help

Achilleus provides exceptional protection for your business against cyber-attacks. Our internal and external penetration testing ensures that the integrity of your system remains uncompromised, allowing you to operate confidently with an extra layer of security.

Internal Penetration Test

An internal network penetration test is performed to help gauge what an attacker could achieve with initial access to a network. By simulating an insider attack and understanding what can be accomplished with even limited initial access, Achilleus helps secure corporate assets from both malicious employees or outside hackers taking advantage of unwitting insiders.

External Penetration Testing

We use external network penetration testing to identify any vulnerabilities in your internet-facing assets such as webmail portals or FTP servers. Our tests are designed to uncover security gaps that could put you at risk of an attack and allow us to enhance your perimeter defenses for optimal protection against malicious activity.

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Have Questions About Our Pentesting Services?

We are here to answer all of your questions! Reach out to us today to see how we can help keep your business secure. 

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